Cheat codes for Skyrim


cheat коды на скайрим
Press [~] (tilde) to call up the command line and enter
one of the following cheat codes.
ToggleGodMode - Invulnerability
AdvLevel - increase experience
AdvSkill - increase skill level
Killall - kill everyone
Unlock - open the specified object
CompleteQuest - pass the current quest
caqs - all quest levels
CompleteAllQuestStagesSets - All Quest Levels
AdvancePCSkill (skill) # - add levels to your skills
player.addperk ######## - add perk
(e.g. light conductors 00018E6A)
Player.modav Dragonsouls # - add dragon souls,
to improve your scream
togglemapmarkers - show all locations on the map
sexchange - change your gender
showbirthsignmenu - change your birth sign
showclassmenu - change your class
additem [item number] - get the specified item
player.additem [item code] - get the specified item
addspell [spell number] - get the specified spell
advskill [skill] - increase skill one level up
fov x - adjust visibility (x value)
advskill [skill] ### - achievement of the skill (value ###)
psb - all spells
player.setscale # - change the size of the player; 1 ok
Setownership - change your goals as you wish without cheating
SexChange - Change Your Sex
caqs - complete all quest stages
duplicateallitems - duplicate item
(select \ NPC container and copy its RefID)
tgm - invulnerability on / off
showracemenu - change race
tcl - activate walking through walls
tfc - flying camera
tm - menu and user interface on / off
tmm 1 - open all markers on the map
tmm 0 - hide all markers on the map
tfow - configure fog mode
Kill - kill the enemy
player.setav Health # - set the level of health
player.setav Fatigue # - set the level of stamina
player.setav Magicka # - set mana level
qqq - exit the game
player.setlevel # - set player level value
player.modav carryweight # - set the value to max. carry weight
AdvancePCLevel - Level Up
player.modav burden # - increase weight to #
removeallitems - remove all items from the inventory of the selected NPC
player.setav speedmult # - increase the speed of movement
player.placeatme # - move NPC to the player (replace # with NPC ID)
lock # - close a door or lock
movetoqt - moves the player to the goal of the mission
TDetect - disables AI alarm
player.setcrimegold # - set the level of criminality
high value if you want to fight
and 0 if you want to get away from the police
TCAI - Off AI combat readiness
TAI - Off AI
Player.IncPCS [skill_name] - will increase the skill level by 1
enableplayercontrols - on control the hero in moments
when it is off in the story
coc qasmoke - move the player to the test room
with all items from the game
setpcfame - set character glory level

setpcinfamy - set the character's notoriety level
help - a list of all console commands
TG - off / on grass
COC [location] - fast movement on location (teleport)
player.coc [destination_] - fast moving around the location (teleport)
player.addspell 000b8780 - vampirism
player.removespell 000b8780 - heal from vampirism
player.addspell 00092c48 - lycanthropy. Skill to turn

in a wolf / werewolf. Appears in the Talents section.
To activate, use the [Z] key.
Cannot be undone. The conversion back to human will happen
automatically, after a certain period of time.
& nbsp;
List of all the skills for the advskill N X team
Usage example:
advskill Destruction 100 - Raise Destruction to 100 experience (not levels)
Alchemy - Alchemy
Alteration - Change
Conjuration - Witchcraft
Destruction - Destruction
Enchanting - enchantment
Illusion - Illusion
Restoration - restoration
Marksman - Shooting
Block - block
HeavyArmor - heavy armor
LightArmor - Light Armor
Lockpicking - Hack
onehanded - one-handed weapon
Twohanded - two-handed weapon
Pickpocket - Pickpocketing
Smithing is a blacksmithing business.
Sneak - stealth
Speechcraft - Eloquence