Cheat codes for gta san andreas


Cheat codes are entered during the game, also, they can be entered in pause mode;
pause is activated by pressing the ESCAPE button.
Please note the following: if a character is in a car and a code is entered in which “F” is present, he will simply jump out of it; if you enter a code to blast all the cars, the car in which the character is located will also explode.
The following cheat codes apply in the game:
LXGIWYL - set of weapons number 1 (for fans: brass knuckles, bats, 9mm pistol, shotgun,
micro SMG, AK-47, rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov cocktail, spray can)
KJKSZPJ (or PROFESSIonALSKIT) - set of weapons No. 2 (for pros: knife, Desert Eagle pistol,
sawed-off shotgun (Sawn-off shotgun), Tec-9, M4, sniper rifle,
fire extinguisher, flamethrower, grenades)
UZUMYMW - set of weapons No. 3 (for loonies: a chainsaw, a gun with a silencer,
combat shotgun (Combat shotgun), MP5, M4, Stinger, explosives with a remote control 🙂
HESOYAM - Health, Armor, $ 250,000
OSRBLHH - increase your crime rate by two stars
ASNAEB - Clear Your Crime
AFZLLQLL - sunny weather
ICIKPYH - very sunny weather
ALNSFMZO - cloudy weather
AUIFRVQS - rainy weather
YSOHNUL - Speed ​​Up Time
PPGWJHT - Accelerated Game
LIYOAAY - Slow Motion Game
AJLOJYQY - pedestrians beat each other
BAGOWPG - a paradise above your head
FOOOXFT - Everyone Has A Weapon
AIWPRTon - Get a Tank (Rhino)
OHDUDE - get a military helicopter (Hunter)
AKJJYGLC - Get a Quad (Quad)
JUMPJET - Get half a fighter (Hydra)
KGGGDKP - Get a Small Airbag (Vortex Hovercraft)
AMOMHRER - Get a trailer with fuel (Tanker Truck)
EEGCYXT - Get half a bulldozer (Dozer)
URKQSRK - half a corncob (Stunt Plane)
AGBDLCID - get a big high jeep (Monster)
CQZIJMB - Get half an old race car (Bloodring Banger)
JQNTDMH - Get a Small Jeep (Rancher)
PDNEJOH - Get half a race car 1 (Racecar)
VPJTQWV - Get half a race car 2 (Racecar)
AQTBCODX - Get the Undertaker (Romero)
KRIJEBR - Get a Limo (Stretch)
UBHYZHQ - Get a garbage truck (Trashmaster)
RZHSUEW - Get a Golf Car (Caddy)
CPKTNWT - blow up all the cars
XICWMD - the invisible car
PGGOMOY - perfect control
SZCMAWO - Suicide
ZEIIVG - all traffic lights are green
YLTEICZ - aggressive drivers
LLQPFBN - Pink Cars
IOWDLAC - black cars
AFSNMSMW - flying boats
KVGYZQK - thin
ASBHGRB - Elvis Everywhere
BGLUAWML - pedestrians attack each other with rocket launchers
CIKGCGX - Beach Party
MROEMZH - gang members everywhere
BIFBUZZ - Gang members control the street
AFPHULTL - Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV - magnet for girls
BGKGTJH - only cheap cars drive through the streets
GUSNHDE - only expensive cars drive through the streets
RIPAZHA - cars fly
JHJOECW - Big Bunny Jump
JUMPJET - Get a Hydra
KGGGDKP - Get a Vortex Hovercraft
JCNRUAD - Explosion (Smash n 'Boom)
COXEFGU - all machines have nitro boosts installed
BSXSGGC - cars fly off on impact
XJVSNAJ - Always Midnight
OFVIAC - orange sky (21:00)
MGHXYRM - Thunderstorm
CWJXUOC - Sand Storm
LFGMHAL - Mega Jump
BAGUVIX - Infinite Health / Less Damage on Hit
doesn't work with cops
CVWKXAM - Infinite Oxygen
AIYPWZQP - Get a parachute
YECGAA - Get Jetpack
AEZAKMI - you are never wanted
LJSPQK - your crime rate - 6 stars
(does not work if AEZAKMI code is activated)
IAVENJQ - Mega Blow
AEDUWNV - never hungry
IOJUFZN - riot mode
PRIEBJ - Theme - Madhouse
MUNASEF - mode - adrenaline
WANRLTW (or FULLCLIP) - infinite bullets, without reloading
OUIQDMW - Complete Driving Ammunition
THGLOJ - reduced street traffic
FVTMNBZ - only rural cars drive around the city
SJMAHPE - Recruit Someone (9mm)
BMTPWHR - Rural Cars and Pedestrians
ZSOXFSQ - Recruit Someone (Rockets)
OGXSDAG - Maximum Respect
EHIBXQS - Maximum Attractiveness
VKYPQCF - all taxis eat nitro
NCSGDAG (or PROFESSIonALKILLER) - Hitman in all weapon parameters
VQIMAHA - all the parameters of your machine to the maximum